About Us

Monsterims Off-Road was established on 1st July, 2015, the first brand from Malaysia which focus on 4×4 off-road wheel market. Monsterims stick to its core value and image style, which is distinguished from the modified wheel brand market.

Flexible Choices.

Monsterims belong to the aftermarket. The aftermarket can be divided into sedan, SUV and light truck (including 4X4 pick up vehicles) according to its models. The MOR Series and the subordinate MC Series suit light trucks; while sedan car is TX Series’ focal point, mainly targeting the mid-end to high-end market. MOR-Forged Series is positioned in the high-end market as it can be applied to any type of car due to its autocratic characteristics.

Be The Best.

At present, Monsterims has 30 to 40 dealers in the entire market of Malaysia and occupied at least 80% of the popularity in the Off-road modified market. Each of Monsterims’ dealer is served by our sales team with great enthusiasm and the best attitude.

To strengthen the market, we always stay close to the trend and demand for a constant improvement.



Every piece of Monsterims products is rigorously tested and highly detailed quality control ensured before leaving the factory. Only after the above process can it be worthy of our name. Consumers look forward to the perfect outcome and to take care of their expectations, is our duty.


For the trust and affirmation of Monsterims’ consumers, to provide the highest quality and aesthetic beauty products. Strength, style, endurance and excellence are all the qualities that our clientele have, come to expect from Monsterims. The team do their best to meet the market’s needs with an attractive appearance and precise colour palette to create unique works of art.